You can earn airline miles that you don’t use or your loan interest is too high and therefore you rarely use it for your purchases. Approximately one in five people carries with them an inappropriate credit card. If you are wondering how to get more benefits from a credit card, you need to familiarize yourself with various bonuses from different banks and choose the right one for you.


Errors in the choice of bonuses on the card

Errors in the choice of bonuses on the card

Most people choose credit cards with the ability to receive bonuses when paying for purchases. But more than 20% of them would be better to have different bonuses or perhaps a smaller percentage of the loan in order to be able to compensate for the annual payment for holding the card.

For example, using a card that charges airline miles a year costs, on average, 1,500 rubles. Such a card is now the most popular, but about 40% of its holders do not spend the required amount per month in order to manage to receive a discount in a year equivalent to an annual payment.

It so happens that at the time of choosing the card the bonus offer seemed tempting, but in the future it became not interesting. Or the bonus program ceased to operate after a while and, as a result, the credit card became less attractive.


Here are some tips on how to get more credit card benefits.

Examine all possible options for you, match the annual fee on the card with the approximate amount that you can get in the form of bonuses. Choose exactly the bonuses that suit you, and you know for sure that you will use them.

Here are some tips on how to get more credit card benefits.

There are also certain responsibilities on the side of bankers – they should be well aware of the need of all current and potential customers and develop really interesting products that people will use. Given the current competitiveness even in the field of banking services, lenders are well aware of this responsibility, which means that the client has a wide choice.
Consider in detail your spending lately, to better understand what kind of bonuses may be more useful. Check out your CI – it is no secret to anyone that taking a loan with a bad credit history is more difficult than with a good one. Also with an additional benefit on the card – the better KI is, the bigger bonuses you can count on. Before purchasing a new credit card, it will be useful to improve the credit history, if it is not ideal.

Ask yourself what you most often spend money on, or rather, what you will spend money on with a new credit card (clothes, groceries, or payment of utility bills). After that, choose a bonus that will be charged exactly for these expenses. Also pay attention to the types of bonuses themselves – this could be a refund or, for example, airline miles, and decide what will be more interesting for you. If you do not have time to put out a credit card on time or it is fraught with certain difficulties, it is better to choose a card with a lower interest rate instead of bonuses.

Asking how to get more credit card benefits is better for yourself. Decide on your capabilities and desires and choose a card for yourself that you will actively use, feeling a certain benefit.

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