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Payday Loan and credit cards are the most popular types of loans today. They are united by the convenience of receiving and servicing, as well as, as a rule, a small amount that is taken into debt. Conditions for loans and credit cards can be very different and depend largely on the borrower’s credit history. Therefore, we will not try to compare the financial components of these two types of loans, but talk about the pros and cons of owning such loans. Basically I would like to say about the security of using the card and cash in everyday life.


Credit card

Credit card

Immediately about the pros of a bank card – the convenience of paying. In any supermarket, pharmacy, clothing store, movie theater, and so on, you can buy the desired product or service without cash. Not to mention shopping over the Internet, without leaving home. It seems to be all quickly, conveniently and safely. But I would like to dwell on the latter in more detail. In our digital age, fraudsters have become less likely to pay attention to cash and steal electronic money more cheerfully. But although most thefts and frauds are directed mainly at credit cards, and not at cash, your attention and caution remain the main protection against such unpleasant situations.

So, that a credit card is definitely convenient in depositing and making purchases. But in terms of security, it can even yield to cash. In addition, if, all the same, you need banknotes – most likely, you will be charged a percentage for withdrawing funds from the card.


Payday Loan

Payday Loan

Cash is a universal way to pay, for anything, anywhere. Let the bank cards flooded the whole world and there are, practically, in every wallet, “cash” still, while, nobody canceled. Plus, nevertheless, there are still places where you cannot pay the card bill. A Payday Loan is in itself a convenient and practical service. Most often, a microloan is taken when money is needed right now, for the moment. And to repay a loan taken in a micro-financial organization is not more difficult than replenishing a credit card.

Based on the above, largely prevails before a credit card. This and more places where you can pay, and faster receipt, and, even, in some cases, c cash in your pocket is safer.

Payday Loans are issued daily by our company to dozens of people in different regions of Russia.

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